Glossary for non-programmers who need to deal with programmers.

This is a WIP, more words still need to be added. You'd be surprised by how rich and diverse programming jargon is, especially when we need to express simple ideas in complicated ways.

Agile: We don't do much planning here.

Bleeding Edge: I read about this new lib/framework on Hacker News last week.

DevOps: You are not tricking anyone, this is good ol' OPS.

Disruptive: Works fine on paper, might not be practical in real life.

Documentation: If you are lucky you'll get a few Confluence pages, usually out of date. Sometimes a few markdown files in a git repo.

Cloud Computing: Someone else's computer.

Cutting edge: Whatever framework/library the tech lead seems to think it's fashionable these days.

Data Science: Sometimes just a term for applied statistics. Often just glorified spreadsheet usage.

Ninja: Employee.

NP-Complete: I do not know what NP, NP-complete, or NP-hard means. I just know I won't want to solve this issue and saying this over and over again seems to do the trick.

Non-reproducible bug: We need to start investing in proper metrics, logging, and monitoring.

Operations/Ops: These folks fix things when things go FUBAR.

Post-Mortem: Something went really, really wrong. We will get together, discuss what went wrong and try to prevent it from happening again.

Researching the issue: Checking stack overflow.

Retro: We will discuss what we did and how we can get better. Probably no one will take the action points and things will continue being the same.

Rockstar: Employee.

Scrum: Definitely not Scrum.

Serverless: Someone else's computer but you get even less control.

Wizard: Employee, again. Can you please stop using these terms?

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