Recommended reading list

I've found lots of great books relevant to our profession as software developers. A lot of them are about timeless principles and ideas, others are about particularly useful technologies, and others deal with the human side of the profession.

Every book listed in those pages has helped my career enormously, and I hope some of them will also be useful to you.

Machine Learning & Data

Software Design & Architecture

Soft Skills & Career

Web Development & Computer Networks

Programming Languages

Entertainment & Cool Geeky stuf

Disclaimer on the book links:

The books in the reading lists and the 'what to do next' sections include links to Amazon. These links have a little referral tag with the blog's code.

If you decide to purchase one of the books using the link, I will get a very small percentage of the purchase, and you will support this blog's existence. I think this is cool because of 3 things:

  • You can find good books with honest recommendations. Every single entry in the reading lists is a book I purchased, read and enjoyed.
  • We can support the authors of the books. Writting for the software industry is not a very profitable activity. By referencing books I consider good, I might help the authors so that they can continue writing good material.
  • It helps me cover the costs of keeping the blog online.

If you find a book that you like and decide to purchase it using the link, you have my gratitude. This will support the blog and help me write more content.

Thank you very much for reading!