Welcome to Brains To Bytes

Hello!, and welcome to Brains To Bytes.

Software development is an incredibly exciting field full of opportunities and great ideas. It's also unlike lots of other crafts in an important sense: the end product, instead of being a tangible thing, is materialized thought running inside a chip.

This notion of programming as a translation of your ideas and thoughts (brains) into code running inside of a machine (bytes) is what inspired the name of this blog.

I've learned a couple of interesting and useful things about software development in the last couple of years. This blog is a space for me to share knowledge with the people who could benefit from it.

I will try to keep up with at least two monthly articles. I would love to write more, but currently, if I can keep up with two per month I'd consider myself happy.

Thank you very much for reading, I really hope you can find something useful in the future articles of this blog.

Juan Orozco Villalobos

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Budapest, Hungary
Hey there, I'm Juan. A programmer currently living in Budapest. I believe in well-engineered solutions, clean code and sharing knowledge. Thanks for reading, I hope you find my articles useful!